“My experience at major studios alerted me to the need for skilled compliance talent. I formed Power Pals Productions with the conviction that expertise and experience in show development and production are the pillars of cost-effective compliance that ensures fair competitions and adherence to standards, rules, contracts, and legal requirements. Not just rule-makers and enforcers, but people who know the industry and work to benefit the production.”
          – Marné Jones-Boulware | Founder

Your Partners in Production Compliance

With over two decades of production and compliance experience on major-network and independent productions, Power Pals is a full-service compliance company able to communicate effectively and build bridges between, producers, legal departments, and talent. Working with studio and location game shows and reality competitions, awards programs, children’s shows, and network development, our knowledgeable consultants have the experience to help you streamline decision-making, maintain consistency, ensure fairness, and enhance the sense of integrity and impartiality that are so important to building viewer and cast member trust.   Visit our SERVICES PAGE to learn more about how we work with you to make great television.

Competition Compliance

Power Pals specializes in the unique challenges presented by competition environments. From pre-production meetings, through on-set oversight and post production records, we understand the challenges presented by fast paced game shows and reality contests and can help you build consistent frameworks for presenting rules, dealing with technical difficulties, and mediating contestant disputes. Some of our services include:

     General rules review
     Challenge rules reviews
     Competition logistic planning     

     Third-party credibility
     Contestant briefings
     Game-play fairness
     Contestant dispute resolution

     Real-time social Media monitoring
     Tracking contestant/viewer interactions
     Results verification

     Results verification
     Game-play records

Comprehensive Services

Our available bilingual (Spanish/English) consultants can help you through all phases of Spanish and English language program development including initial concept creation, pre-development reviews, pitch planning, legal clearances, focus group testing, post-production ratings.

Program Evaluation

Power Pals can evaluate network, cable, and streaming programming and make independent standards recommendations regarding the identification of derogatory, violent, and sexual content. Editorial notes provide suggestions for language alternatives, substitutions,  and labeling for viewer decision-making based on FCC Guidelines.

We also provide content evaluation for children’s programming including notes on eliminating or modifying visual images and language that are dangerous and imitable for young viewers and recommended labeling for parents, educators, and other individuals who select programming for young children.

The Team

Our carefully selected and trained field consultants are screened for their detail orientation, ability to focus, poise and professionalism under pressure. All specialists have field production experience and take a hands-on approach while working on location. Our emphasis on fairness, honesty, and keeping the best interests of the production company, network and contestants at the forefront make us a welcome addition to the set.

Marné Jones-Boulware

Founder and President

Prior to forming Power Pals in 2000, Marné worked as a development exec at CBS and as Senior Standards editor of ABC/Disney. Her time at the networks taught her that in addition to understanding the requirements of S&P, experience in show development and production are the basis of cost-effective compliance and maintaining the pace of production while assuring fair competition and adherence to standards, rules, contracts, and legal requirements. Marné holds a BA in Psychology from Hampshire College, Amherst, and an MBA in International Business from National University, Los Angeles.

Kurt Boulware

VP of Operations

Kurt manages the day-to-day operations of Power Pals. His 20+ years of experience as an Emmy Award-winning television editor for networks like OWN, HGTV and PBS, give him the flexibility to work with rapidly changing production schedules and ensure that the perfect compliance consultant is available for your shoot dates. In addition to managing the team, Kurt also reviews contracts, verifies and edits S&P Compliance data, and interviews and vets incoming, onsite compliance reps. Finding  & developing capable people and helping them grow their careers is Kurt’s main focus.

Lawrence “Chip” Latshaw

VP of Competition Compliance

With a background in commercial manufacturing and quality assurance, Chip maintains a production oriented approach to compliance. His pragmatic demeanor assures contestants of your impartiality, and his fair-minded recommendations help your team find solutions and stay on schedule in the most demanding environments. On larger productions, Chip manages the on-set compliance team and is the point person for challenge fairness, rules presentation, game play, and results verification.

Beth Polsky

Sr. Director of Compliance

With an extensive background in television production. Beth brings her expertise on location as the on-set point person, specializing in youth competition shows. Her warm, creative and practical demeaner, helps teams solve the most demanding on set challenges. Prior to joining Power Pals, Beth has been a television producer and writer for over 20 years. She has produced thousands of hours of television programming with series and reality credits spanning all major networks and cable companies including, Disney/ABC, NBC and E! Entertainment Television.

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