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Power Pals is a full-service, independent Standards and Practices company providing compliance assistance to production companies and networks in the development of studio and location game shows and reality competitions, awards shows, children’s programming, and project development.

Major network experience in Standards & Practices, as well as time spent as a programming executive, gives Marné an understanding of both the legal factors in program development as well as the importance of time management in production environments. Whether working with Marné directly or with one of our other experienced consultants, Power Pals is ready to help you streamline decision making, maintain consistency, and strengthen the appearance of impartiality and fairness.


Competition Compliance

No matter how serious or how fun your challenge is, Power Pals’ experienced competition consultants help brief contestants, review and verify challenge testing, approve questions and answers, and make tough calls in close competition. In the field we are able to help define or amend rules on the fly, ensuring all contestants have an equal opportunity to compete. When difficulties arise, we can help you resolve things quickly with minimal interruption to the production schedule, and at the end of the season, we provide you with a compliance report. Our consultants approach each project with the best interest of the production, the network and the contestants in mind. 


During pre-production, Power Pals works with your organization to ensure that general show rules are comprehensive and easy for contestants to understand, and that individual challenge rules are fair for all contestants and formatted clearly and consistently. Prepro services include:

  • Format development
  • Official game rules
  • Series rules


Onset, our team’s concentrated focus and practical problem-solving capabilities save time and reduce risk. Our experienced consultants provide an objective look at completed challenges and results, while our visible presence reassures contestants of your competition’s integrity and legitimacy.

  • Visible impartiality
  • Contestant briefings
  • Contestant eligibility
  • Competition logistics & fairness


The expansion of streaming services and social media offers many exciting new opportunities to increase viewer engagement and audience/contestant interaction. Power Pals is able to offer compliance services to help you create innovative programming through the monitoring of equipment and online interactions.

  • Equipment monitoring
  • Real-time and daily social Media checks
  • Contestant/ viewer interaction tracking
  • Results verification


In addition to our compliance work, Power Pals also provides help in pitch development, content notes, and program evaluations. Marné’s years of networking have allowed her to build a diverse and experienced team to help with all of your development needs.


Our experience with network standards allows us to assist you with all areas of program development including initial concept creation, predevelopment reviews, pitch planning, focus group testing, and suggested ratings labels.


For Spanish speaking programs and networks, we offer bilingual services in development and competition compliance. Our team has worked with both studio and reality competition shows for Latin American audiences.  


Power Pals can evaluate network, cable, and streaming programming and make independent standards recommendations regarding the identification of derogatory, violent, and sexual content. Editorial notes provide suggestions for language alternatives, substitutions,  and labeling for viewer decision-making based on FCC Guidelines. We also provide content evaluation for children’s programming including notes on eliminating or modifying visual images and language that are dangerous and imitable for young viewers and recommended labeling for parents, educators, and other individuals who select programming for young children.

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